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Social Media Intern

Advertising / Media

$800 - $1000 monthly

Job Description

Job Description

We are creating Discord for Professionals ( - combining the best of Discord, Patreon and Slack specially catered for businesses, creators and entrepreneurs. We're looking for interns to help build our sorely lacking social media presence! If you love to game, are an adobe wizard and have a strong interest in social media (Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, etc) then we would love your help!

The role will have you working closely with our UI UX team and our product owner.


  • Good in adobe illustrator, aftereffects and premiere pro
  • Understands how the various social media channels work
  • Blends creativity and problem solving
  • Minimum 6-month internship commitment

What's the company like?

TFA Global is a Singapore FinTech certified company. Our roots started in finance and investment - providing research to many of the largest brokers in the world. That remains our core bread and butter business so you'll be seeing a lot of stellar analysts that would put the people at wallstbets to shame.

We built Genesiv as a separate platform initially to solve our needs in the research and trading space, but are now expanding it to cater to the broader audience of creators, entrepreneurs and businesses.

How big is the team?

Locally, we have about 10 of us which includes the analysts, UI UX, Developer and management. Globally we have another 4 full-stack developers and 2 UAT.

What's the culture like?

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" - Peter Drucker

And we're firm believers in that. We have a young and lean start-up culture that believes in failing fast and failing often. We look to learn from mistakes instead of penalizing them and we believe in entrusting the team with freedom knowing they'll take ownership of the outcome.

Politics and toxicity are not tolerated at all.

No one - even the star performers - are exempted from this. Call it idealistic - but we want to create an environment where people would love to come to every day, knowing the team around them are psyched to take on the day loving what they do and doing what they love.

How do I apply?

Simply apply through here or drop your CV to with your portfolio attached