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Senior Software Engineer

Full Time 

Information Technology

$8000 - $15000 monthly

Job Description


  • Development of large-scale financial systems
  • Take part in the end-to-end development process, including architecture decisions, design, code review, and implementation.
  • Improve overall efficiency of the core systems, and optimize system architecture, performance, stability, and scalability.
  • Review, test, and verify code to ensure quality and security standards are met.
  • Identify key issues, bugs, and inefficiencies; propose and implement solutions to address issues.


  • 8+ years of development experience with Java as the main programing language.
  • Experience with SpringMVC/Maven/MyBatis/Git, Spring Boot, etc.
  • Experience with middleware and distributed technologies, such as Redis, RabbitMQ/Kafka, Zookeeper, etc.
  • Prior experience in FinTech with hands-on experience in trading-related systems
  • Strong analytical and logical mind, with the ability to tackle business and technical issues efficiently.
  • Ability to conduct technical conversations in Mandarin, for day-to-day communication with Engineering counterparts in Mainland China.
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