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Fintech Talent Report

Recent years have seen an explosion in the number of firms proffering services in the financial technology (“FinTech”) space across the globe and Singapore is no exception to this. Numerous initiatives taken to promote the development of FinTech firms in the Lion City have led to a flourishing FinTech scene with companies of all sizes, ranging from the quintessential start-up firm to large financial institutions, either identifying as FinTech companies or increasing investments in this field.

Investing in the field is not enough to ensure Singapore grows its nascent FinTech industry, attracting and retaining the talent to fuel the industry is also needed. Towards this end, PwC Singapore is proud to partner with the Singapore FinTech Association (“SFA”) to produce this report. Drawing on industry responses to key questions regarding the characteristics of their firm, their talent needs, methods for attracting; recruiting; and retaining talent, and plans for future talent acquisition.

Across the world, the demand for FinTech talent is outpacing the ability of educational facilities to supply it and, if left unchecked, this shortage will limit the potential benefits the FinTech industry could have on the world. We hope that by having a clear understanding of the talent issues uniquely relevant to Singapore, the industry can be better equipped to deal with them and continue to thrive.

Download the Full Report Here