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Chief Executive Officer

General Management

$10000 - $13000 monthly

Job Description

About OneConnect Financial Technology

OneConnect is a fast-growing financial technology company, focusing on providing cloud computing and other technology services to small- and medium-sized financial institutions. OneConnect has developed world-class technology innovations in areas, such as facial recognition, voiceprint, micro-expression recognition, and blockchain. To date, OneConnect has served over 600 banks, over 80 insurance companies and over 4,000 non-bank financial institutions.

At OneConnect we've worked hard to create a culture that will challenge, excite, and support your professional development. With frequent team events, extensive mentoring and training, and collaboration opportunities you'll instantly become part of the well-respected sourced family. Providing a strong work/life balance is one of our core values and we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace with flexible working arrangements. We welcome discussion about how this role could be flexible for you.

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop OneConnect's Southeast Asian market, promote digital transformation and financial technology empowerment for financial institutions; maintain customer resources, and help achieve performance goals;
  • Guide and support the accumulation and upgrading of fintech products, as well as project delivery, especially product iterative upgrading and project delivery for bank customers;
  • Relying on OneConnect's safety verification and "business + technology" advantages, conduct global business expansion and cooperation, especially explore product agency and cooperation opportunities, and be responsible for the overall operation of overseas business centers.


  • Familiar with Southeast Asia and Singapore’s regulatory market and financial technology market, good at English and Mandarin, bachelor’s degree or above, base Singapore;
  • Possess good communication skills, adaptability, and pressure resistance, and those with working and management experience in Chinese-funded and foreign-funded enterprises are preferred;
  • Have a technical background (understand SAAS products, core banking and other products are preferred), have experience in 2B customer development and delivery, and be good at team management (a team of at least 100 people is preferred)