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Be FinTech Ready!


Quick Tips:

  • Tailor your resume based on key words from the job you are applying for
  • Avoid fonts that are hard to read and ensure that the page is not too cluttered
  • Quantify your accomplishments
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Quick Tips:

  • Dress professionally and be on time
  • Ask questions because it shows that you are interested in the organisation. You can prepare the questions in advance too
  • Prepare a strong ending statement on how you can add value to the company
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The FinTech Foundation Programme aims to:
  • Increase your awareness and appreciation of FinTech and its impact across various sectors
  • Impart hands-on design thinking skills in financial services
  • Equip you with the skills needed to perform higher value-added financial services
Candidates will be introduced to Financial Technology (FinTech) and its foundational concepts, including design thinking and blockchain.

Fintech is the new trend in the financial sector. Fintech is reshaping how financial institutions are improving customer experience and developing new business models. Integrating design principles together with emerging technologies and new business models can help you engage your management team develop greater value propositions and stay relevant in the current digital economy.

This programme will deepen your understanding of the rapidly changing Fintech landscape and the impact of new innovations on traditional business models.

Blockchain technology is on the rise. With the technology being adopted at a rate faster than anticipated across industries – ranging from real estate, financial services to legal service – having a basic understanding of Blockchain is a must for everybody. New job roles ranging from support to development roles involving Blockchain are expected to grow as the technology becomes more widely adopted. At some point, your organisation is likely to introduce Blockchain as the new enabler to your operations or in your existing job role, and you may be required to integrate the technology into your existing ecosystem.

This course will introduce participants to the key areas of performing analytics on various sets of data and how different tools and approaches enable organizations to perform Big Data Analytics. 

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Find out more about Course Fee Funding and the eligible programmes that qualify.

The SGUnited Traineeships Programme aims to support those who have recently graduated or will soon be graduating from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Polytechnics, Universities and other private educational institutions in 2019 or 2020, to take up traineeship opportunities across various sectors. This includes those who graduated from the above institutions and recently completed National Service in 2019/2020.

These traineeships will help graduates develop their skills professionally even during the current economic climate. With a duration of up to 12 months, these traineeships will equip young locals with valuable industry experience and allow them to gain a firmer foothold in the job market during the economic recovery.

Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) UTAP for Online/Blended Courses by Institutes of Higher Learning

Equip yourself with relevant and essential skills to stay ahead. Enhance and expand your skillsets to advance your job search.

IBF Careers Connect offers a one-stop career advisory service to individuals in the financial industry.

These services are available to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents who are existing financial professionals or those who are making a career switch to the financial industry. 

We provide personalized career coaching, job search skills workshops and access to networking events.

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Students who enrol in the NUS-FinTechSG Programme will undergo a structured two-month intensive full-time course on the fundamentals of FinTech and business, subsequent programming concepts, as well as knowledge and development tools used in the FinTech industry. They can apply for a full-time traineeship of between nine to 12 months with leading financial institutions and companies such as UBS, Razer, and Bank of Singapore, which are expected to offer career paths based on merit.

The Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and Singapore Blockchain Association (SBA) are pleased to introduce the Blockchain Talent Programme (BTP). This is a Programme offered to trainees with coding background such as engineering and computer science to become blockchain developers, project managers, business analysts and consultants in the Financial Services Industry. This course is designed to facilitate trainees who are keen to further their education in a new knowledge domain as part of the journey in being a life-long trainee. This is a full time course which can be completed within a 12-month period.

Trainees are required to bring computer Notebook when attending lessons, as you may need it to access the e-learning materials, writing reports, using the relevant software, etc.

This course aims to equip you with knowledge and skills in financial analytics to apply business intelligence
techniques to produce reports on business performance; select and use appropriate business intelligence
applications to support business objectives; apply financial services knowledge to new Fintech business models;
and develop a financial analytics project using business intelligence techniques.

Data analytics skills are among the most sought after skills across multiple industries today. Whether you are looking to enhance your existing career, or to prepare for the data-driven jobs of the future, the Data Analytics Bootcamp seeks to address the burgeoning demand for professionals equipped with the necessary technical competencies in manipulating, visualising and analysing data. The hands-on curriculum aims to train students in the necessary programming and data manipulation skills, as well as the know-how in analysing and visualising data. Students will also learn how to decipher insights and craft thoughtful narratives from data.

Financial Management
As companies strive to cut costs and enhance shareholder value in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the need to understand financial information has never been greater.

Our Financial Management Bootcamp is designed to help you understand the financial issues confronting businesses today and how to use the new financial knowledge acquired to make more informed decisions to better manage businesses. This course seeks to equip you with the critical thinking and reasoning skills to navigate in a globally-connected world.

This programme consists of 10 training modules. By completing this programme successfully, the participants will be awarded 7 Certificates of Attainment (COAs) in Digital Transformation and Innovation, Digital Manufacturing and Industrial 4.0 Enabling Technologies. A lab-based practise training module and 2 project-based training modules are designed to provide the unique opportunities to the participants to learn and apply the cutting edge technologies and skills in data mining techniques, overall equipment effectiveness, production planning and scheduling for smart manufacturing and data analytics-driven inventory planning and equipment condition monitoring techniques.

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